Hackey sack dominates lunchtime activities

Almost every sunny day at lunch, a group of CHS students gather outside in a big circle, kicking and hitting a small decorated bean bag around.  What used to be a popular game years ago has seemingly made a comeback and become a new way to entertain teenagers. 

Hacky sack, the trademarked name for “footbag,” is traditionally a game where players stand in a circle of about five to ten people and try to keep the rock-filled sack off the ground without using their hands.  Players use various tricks and skills in order to work together as a team and keep the bag off the ground for as long as possible. 

“[Sophomore] Eli Lorenzi can catch it on his foot, kick it up, catch it on his neck and then flip it back up and keep it going,” sophomore Jeremy Weinreich said.

According to the sophomore players, the trend began when sophomore Syd Patterson brought a hacky sack to school last year.  It started out with just a few students playing, but the number of players has continuously grown. 

“Sometimes I like to play with the sack by myself, but it’s more fun with other people,” Patterson said. 

Although intended to be a game for people of all types, hacky sack is often misconceived as a “hippie game” due to its origins. 

“Some people have this misconception that hacky sack is all peace and love and happiness, when in reality, it’s brutal and sometimes heart breaking labor,” Patterson said.

According to sophomore Jorge Requena, hacky sack is a great way to pass the time during lunch. 

The game keeps players active, giving them something fun and healthy to do. 
Hacky sack is not only fun for those playing, but it also is entertaining for the students who watch the game during lunch. 

“I think [hacky sack] is cool because it takes a lot of coordination,” sophomore Taylor Fisher said.

Not only is hacky sack popular at CHS, but it has gone beyond school doors and backyards and into the worldwide circuit.  There are various tournaments and world championships, all part of the International Footbag Players’ Association (IFPA). 

According to IFPA’s website, hacky sack is an organized sport that anyone can learn how to play.  To begin, they recommend simply buying a foot bag and beginning playing with family and friends.  With lots of practice, players can work their way up to higher levels. 

“The sack is our way of life,” Patterson said.  “We eat with the sack, we sleep with the sack and we will die with the sack.”