Coed Volleyball’s weak finish hurt playoff run

The coed volleyball team ended its season with a 7-5 record after an unfortunate lost in the first playoff game April 28 to Blair, 0-3.

 “We didn’t finish our strongest, but it was fun and everyone improved,” freshman Adrianna Lee said.

CHS beat Blair the week before during a regular season game, so the coach was disappointed with the loss.

“We improved a lot over the season but were very inconsistent,” head coach Michael Endler said.

Winning was not the only goal the team focused on this season.  They also wanted to improve skills and have fun while playing.

According to Lee, her passing improved throughout the season and she also developed a stronger serve.

 Different players focused and worked on specific aspects of the game.  It was necessary that each player improve in order for the team as a whole to get better.

 “We are losing five seniors after this season, and half the starters were seniors,” sophomore Kenny Hwang said

The coed volleyball team will suffer from the loss of key players Erica Chao, Kelen Jiang, Crystal Chiang, Tianshi Xia and Jonathan Huang, all of whom are graduating this year.

 “I am very confident that the returning players can step up,” Endler said.

 After a tough loss to Blair early in the playoffs, the team still finished with a winning record.  They also won a big game against Walter Johnson on senior night at home April 30.  Despite the loss of important players, the team still plans to do well next season.

“The team will definitely have to step it up and fill the roles of the seniors,” Hwang said.
Many of the players will work hard over the offseason to improve their skills even more.  They can run and do drills to get better. The team’s performance next year will depend on how much work the players put in.

“I think we will improve and play even better than we did this year,” Lee said.