Veteran softball teams strive to correct rookie mistakes

The softball team is starting off the season with a 2-3 record after losing to Northwest 5-2, April 15, to Gaithersburg 10-0, April 17, and to Walter Johnson 3-0, April 20. 

The Bulldogs fought hard to keep up with the fast-paced Northwest, Gaithersburg and WJ teams. However, despite their best efforts in all three games, they were repeatedly knocked down by simple mistakes which kept them from achieving victory.

“[The Gaithersburg game] did not go well at all, we just made too many mistakes and the other team capitalized on our mistakes,” coach James Collins said. “We learned a lot as a team that day.”

Similar mistakes were made in the Northwest game.

“Basically we need to work on not letting things get to us,” sophomore Sarah Adams said. “[We have to work on batting] because we need to be more consistent.”

According to Collins, during the WJ game the team came out and played hard. There were fewer mistakes made and plays were cleaner and more precise, but it still wasn’t enough to lead the Bulldogs to victory.

“We played great,” Collins said. “We had some good catches and pitches, but we made a couple mistakes.”

The team continues to have the same problem: making plays. Setbacks due to minor mistakes do not allow them to grow as a team.

Many of the girls on the team have been playing together for a while, which allows them to rely on each other for their own unique skills.

“Most teams bond over time,” junior Bronwyn Davies said. “Now that we have been playing together for four years we have chemistry which helps us when it comes to playing.”
The players show particular respect towards their senior captain Lia Psillos and junior captain Madeline Ulanow. Ulanow is said to be the first junior captain that the team has had.
Ulanow also leads the team with the highest batting average of .545. Senior Deb April, sophomore Sara Adams, and senior Lia Psillos are close behind with on base averages of .500, .500 and .467, respectively.     

By the time playoffs come around, they hope to have overcome most of their debilitating errors.
“Basically we want to play smart and improve on the skills we lack,” Adams said. “Coach wants us to win more.”