Ultimate works toward greater success in future

One week after falling to B-CC 15-4, the ultimate frisbee team defeated Blair by way of forfeit April 18.

Though this is the frisbee team’s third year, the experienced B-CC team has played ultimate frisbee longer and practices year round. As a result, CHS lost with a lack of experience as they only started practicing a few weeks before the game.

“In the game we did not have good communication and organization on defense,” senior captain Ari Blonder said. “But we did have some good scores on offense that showed we have potential to improve.”

Senior Michael Schmidt had a excellent assist to senior Alex Kantor to give the offense some life.
“Kantor along with Blonder proved they can provide leadership, which helps build our team chemistry,” senior captain Zach Kandel said.

As the game progressed, CHS showed that at their best they can compete with anyone, but the team was inconsistent. Great plays were corrupted by minor mistakes that B-CC capitalized on.

“There is a lot we can do to improve,” sophomore Seth Ross said. “As we play more, people learn what cuts to make, what throws to make and how to play well with each other.”

According to head coach Sam Dinning the team looks to improve its play. They will focus harder in practices and work on more strategies on the defensive end.

“At the end of the season, I want us to have the confidence as a team to play any team in the league and know that we have a shot at winning,” Dinning  said.