Newly enforced policy keeps athletes fully clothed

By By Sushen Thiyagarajan-Breaking News Online Editor and Jake Sutton-Staff writer

It’s almost summer time, which means that the 80-degree weather that we’ve all been hoping for is just around the corner. With the arrival of hot weather come ways for CHS athletes to cool off while at practice, but this season all that may to change is that an old policy is finally going to be enforced.

For past CHS sport seasons guys taking off their shirts and girls wearing only sports bras have not been challenged; however with recent complaints from both coaches and parents, athletes are now keeping their shirts on.

“Coaches should not be letting [athletes practice] without shirts,” athletic director David Kelley said. “All athletes should be sport appropriate for practice.”

Some students have been following this policy all along.

“The field hockey coaches support the wearing of bras to play field hockey,” field hockey coach Monica Malanoski said. “We do not support only wearing a bra.”

Although they have different reasons, both coaches and students have their own reason to keep this policy implemented.

“Parents would not like to see their daughters running around in sports bras in front of strangers,” junior cross country runner Emily Hitz said.

Also, with girls in sports bras, comes unwanted attention from neighbors.

According to, a website that monitors sex offenders in residential areas, sex offenders are not plentiful in this area, although there is one on the intersection of Gainsborough and Tuckerman.

“It could be hazardous [for girls],” Hitz said. “There can be creepers off campus.”