Coed Volleyball struggles to met expectations

By By Danny Weiss- staff writer

Coed volleyball started off their season with two quick wins against Whitman March 23 and Rockville March 25, but soon after, lost two disappointing games against Kennedy April 7 and Northwest April 9.

According to head coach Mike Endler, the coed volleyball team is not reaching its fullest potential so far this year, and he believes it could be doing much better. 

“Right now we are underachieving,” Endler said. “We are a young team, especially the boys.”
The team was 3-4 at press time, but had a rough start.

According to senior captain Jon Huang, the team showed signs of improvement after the loss to Sherwood on April 19.

Sherwood is one of the best teams in the county and the team battled the entire match. Even though it lost, the team built some strong chemistry and did better than  expected.
According to Huang, the team is very young and new this year.

After the loss of a few seniors last year, the volleyball team is depending on some young key players to step up their game this year.

“Our goals are to improve, place at or near the top of our division and go to the playoffs,” Endler said. 

The volleyball team will need to improve its record to place near the top of the division. Practice and strategy will be necessary to beat the top teams in the schedule.  

 “We have suffered a lot because [senior] Alex Kantor did not return,” Huang said

 Due to a nagging calcium deposit in his knee, Kantor was unable to return this season.  The loss of this key player from last year caused some new underclassmen to fill his shoes. Junior James Lee and freshman Adrianna Lee have been doing well stepping in for the injured Kantor.

“We had a rough start to the season, but we have improved,” Lee said.

The team’s next game is against Walter Johnson April 30 at 5:15 p.m. at home.