Sports captains let CHS in on the game plan

By Amna Farooqi

It does not feel like school has started until you see all the athletes walking around in their jerseys, the cheerleaders in their skirts and the devoted fans donning blue and green outfits for the Friday game. With the fall season coming up, here’s a look at the captains.


Pam Vranis
Girls Soccer

The Plan: “[I’m going to] use my experiences to make underclassmen see how fun high school soccer is.”
For Luck: “On our way out [of the locker room] we hit something on top of the door.”
Best Part of Playing for CHS: “It’s just so fun to play with your friends. It’s so spirited, [and] all about team unity.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “It’s more fun than watching boy’s soccer; we’re prettier.”

Alex Kantor

The Plan: “Making sure everyone is trying their hardest at all times.”
For Luck: “Ryan Quinn has lucky cleats, and some people listen to specific songs [before games].”
Best Part about Playing for CHS: “It’s nice on Fridays to walk around with your jersey on. It gives you a sense of pride.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “[Football games] are the most fun to watch. They’re entertaining…and you get to hang out with your friends.”


Maggie Yiin
Girls Tennis

The Plan: “[To] try and keep everything organized, [like] helping [head coach Benjamin] Woods set up doubles.”
For Luck: “[The girls] dress up in themes, and sometimes we have bagel breakfasts to pump us up.”
The Best Part: “Everyone knows that CHS tennis is really good, and [everyone is] intimidated.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “Some games are really competitive and exciting, and you can come watch us dominate.”


Jaymi Solomon
Field Hockey

The Plan: “I think communication is a big factor.”
For Luck: “[The team has] bagel breakfasts, secret buddies and super sisters. We’re bringing back ‘hold the rope,’ which is an old tradition.”
The Best Part of Field Hockey: “The friends I’ve made; they’re lasting connections.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “People always look down on field hockey and they don’t really understand it. [If they come to a game] they could really appreciate it.”


Jamie Sudhalter

The Plan: “[I will lead the team] by taking charge and making sure we have efficient practices.”
For Luck: “We have a chant we do before every game.”
Best Part: “[The best part about playing is] all the girls, we get along really well.”
One Reason to Come and Watch: “We’re awesome and we have a lot of new tricks.”


Jaclyn Kleban & Kristen McDonald

The Plan: “[This season poms will] mostly listen to the judges’ comments from past competitions.”
For Luck: “[The team] has dinners before games.”
Best Part of being a Pom: “It’s really fun to perform for the fans.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “It’s really entertaining, we’re all great friends and you can see that.”


Erica Chao

The Plan: “I want to encourage [the team] and make them more motivated to improve themselves.”
Best Part of Playing for CHS: “It’s just so much fun, the people you meet, the schools you compete against, and it’s all fun.”
One Reason to Come and Watch: “It’s a misunderstood sport. If people come see the intensity of the game they’ll change their minds.”


Cameron Kidwell
Boys Soccer

The Plan:  “[I’ll be] pushing everyone to their greatest potential.”
For Luck: “I like to tape my right wrist even though there’s nothing on it.”
The Best Part of Playing for CHS: “Beating Wootton.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “It’s always going to be a good game, we put all we got out there.”


Casey Gordon

The Plan:  “Promote team unity and get everyone playing competitively.”
For Luck: “I like to clean my clubs and bags before every round.”
Best Part about Golf: “It’s one of the hardest teams to make. It’s very, very competitive.”
One Reason To Come and Watch: “We’re the only team that keeps winning state championships consistently.”