Coffee says make the most of each moment of highschool


Make everyday of highschool count

By Diya Kachoria, Photo Manager

When it came time to sign up for junior year classes, I knew exactly the class I wanted to take. I powered through AP Computer Science and Ceramics as an underclassman, but quickly realized neither of those classes were my cup of tea. I was finally ready to take a class that was not a requirement, but was one I knew I would be more passionate about. 

With one of my close friends finally convincing me to take the class, I decided to take J1 as one of the only juniors. Although I was learning basic grammar next to freshmen, I immediately understood how important the class was. I saw that the writing tips and tricks I was learning throughout the year had made a big difference in my ACT English score. There were lessons and topics that were reviewed for the first time since middle school English class. As I made an improvement in my score from fall to spring, I realized that most of the grammar mistakes I was making were corrected as they were learned in J1.

Coming into Advanced Journalism as a senior, I already knew a lot of my peers and friends who had been in the class for a couple years. However, I admit I was scared about coming into a class with so many other experienced writers. I found the competition with over thirty students to be overwhelming, but understood the vibe of the class quickly. I was able to spend time with friends just like I had in J1, while also being given independence to complete tasks as I pleased.

While having the job as Photo Manager during the past year, I learned how important a picture was to draw readers in. A photo makes the article first noticeable to the reader and determines whether the article should actually be read. Making sure classmates’ photos were acceptable for the newspaper provided me with a different responsibility other than writing articles. 

Journalism was the class I always looked forward to, even as a J1. It was a break in my day where I was able to socialize with friends and have some fun in between stressful classes. My brother has seen the positive experience Journalism has had on me, and has decided to take J1 as a sophomore next year. Going to my designated seat every day, I felt at home and comfortable to be a part of a community where I was welcomed.

High school flew by way too fast. It feels like just yesterday I was at the Hoover eighth grade Hershey field trip, screaming on a level 3 rollercoaster with a pounding headache from all the sugar consumed. Yes, I am getting a little bit emotional writing this article on my bedroom floor with “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift blasting through my airpods. Leaving my best friends of seven years and going to school in a different state was a moment I never thought would come. With only a couple weeks left of the school year, reality is finally hitting me. Time moves by in a blink of an eye, and it is important to live moments in the present. I am truly grateful for the person Churchill has shaped me into, and I am excited for what the future holds for all of us!