Chocolate discusses benefits of journalism in life

By Vaughn Malamut, Chocolate

Some of my most fond memories took place in the Journalism classroom. While some classes are dreadful, I looked forward to every 45 minute class period in Journalism with Ms. Zitnik.

I never saw myself taking journalism when I was a freshman, but I decided that for my junior year I would try something different. I used journalism as a way to express my feelings and opinions through articles. This class became more than just a class, it became a hobby and something that made me wonder, what is happening currently in Montgomery County? Should I write about this? Would this be a good article idea?

One of my best decisions was going forward and taking journalism for a second year. Writing for the Churchill Observer has made me more involved in the community and closer with my friends. At the start of the year, there were some classmates that I did not speak a word to, now these people know more about me than most do. Not only has this class benefited me socially, but I am now a much better writer and more confident in communicating with higher authorities because of the years obtaining interviews.

Being the Online Editor has given me the opportunity to understand the Churchill Observer website and the more modern side of the newspaper. Uploading and editing online articles showed me what it is like to have a responsibility and have people rely on you. That is why journalism is unlike any other class because it is not just about you, it is a team.

Journalism allowed me to look deeper into the news happening in Montgomery County. I looked at everything with an angle. I looked at movies, shows, albums and more differently. I am glad I was able to gain this new perspective.

As I move on to college, I can use this knowledge that this class gave me and use it to become a better student in the future. I want to thank Ms. Zitnik and all my classmates in journalism for giving me a great junior and senior year of high school. I would definitely recommend anyone at any school to write for their newspaper. 

The time is currently 11:51 PM. I have spent countless nights writing articles for the Churchill Observer, just wanting to shut the computer off and go to sleep, but this article is different. Knowing this is my last article ever, I do not want to go to sleep. I want to keep writing until my fingers can not type anymore. 

Throughout the past two years of writing for the newspaper, I have been stressed out many times, but I know in the future it will be one of the many things I wish I can do again.