Ube says to finds sweetness in each day of school


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Ice cream melts over time, but your hairline recedes faster than mine – Bora Barclay

By Collin Chen, Online Editor

If you had asked my freshman self: “Do you see yourself joining the newspaper at school?” I would respond: “No way! Writing is the worst.” Well, clearly plans changed.

I remember the first week of junior year; I wanted to do anything to get out of another year of Spanish. However, four AP classes already overwhelmed my course load, so I wanted to find an easier class to take. When I asked my dad, he suggested doing an English elective and stressed how important writing is in any career. I decided to enroll in Journalism, after much persuasion from my dad, thinking that being part of the newspaper could look good on college applications. Unfortunately, I had to go through the preliminary class, Newspaper J1, before I could join the actual newspaper team. To my surprise, I came out of that class with a much better understanding of journalism and a major improvement in my writing skills in general.

My time on the Observer was equally as valuable as my time on J1. While my writing continued to improve, I also formed valuable relationships with many on the Observer staff. The class allowed me to interact with people I have known since before high school but never gotten close with. In addition, I made friends with juniors and sophomores who have come to me for advice with classes, college applications and even fashion. The Observer has constantly reminded me that it is more than just a class, it is a community bonded together by more than just our passion for writing. To any incoming or current WCHS students, I say get out of your comfort zone and join the Observer. If journalism is something you are interested in, then the newspaper is a perfect opportunity. If you have not yet tried journalism, then even better. No matter how skilled of a writer you are or how interested you are in journalism, the Observer is an amazing community to learn, grow and simply express yourself with encouraging and kind people.

Sadly, my first year on the J is also my last year and it is unfortunate that I do not have many memories to share, like the other seniors. However, I have gone through four years of high school and I would like to share my thoughts with everyone at WCHS:

I enjoyed high school. Yeah, of course there were plenty of times when I simply wanted to stay in bed and skip school, but I have learned to be more appreciative of it. Seeing other high schools across the county and nation, I realized how fortunate we all are to be attending a school like WCHS. Our community is filled with diversity that has intuitively developed students to be accepting of each other and appreciative of our differences. In addition, Potomac is wealthy. Just take a look at the student parking lot. It is filled with more BMWs and Mercedes than the teacher lot. Now, I am not saying our school is made up of rich snobs. I am saying that our wealthy community has given us endless opportunities that others dream of, and as students, we should take the initiative and explore, discover, create and do essentially anything we desire. 

My last message goes out to the grades below me. Whether you have only one year or three years left of high school, make the most of your experience. I know it is cliche but these few years go by quickly. Over the years, I made so many great memories with friends and classmates that I wish I could relive. Exploring Quebec during the ski trip, Silver Diner after football games and multiple all-you-can-eat lunches at Honey Pig. However, there have been plenty of times when I passed on fun events, avoided talking to new classmates or chose not to sign up for clubs that I was interested in. I seriously regret some of those decisions, but you all do not have to make the same mistake. With an open mind and a bit of courage, you are guaranteed to create exciting memories and make the most of these few years.