Mint Chocolate Chip says to savor every moment at WCHS

By Melissa Redlich, Mint Chocolate Chip

Wow. First off, I can not believe I am writing my senior section article for Journalism. I know this sounds cheesy, but boy does it feel like yesterday that I was checking off the box to take Journalism my freshman year. I could not have imagined that I would now be here, sitting at my desk, about to write my final article for the paper as my senior year comes to a close.

Being part of the “J” changed my high school experience for the better. I am a person who thrives in communities. While I was lucky to have the volleyball community during my four years, I hoped for an academic community too. In the J, I found others who shared my interests in writing articles, reporting news and working as a team. 

However, let’s rewind. 

As I reviewed my schedule while walking through the Bulldog Lobby on the first day of high school, I noticed that what should have said “Journalism Newspaper” instead said “Journalism Yearbook.” For the first month and a half of ninth grade I was told that no newspaper class existed, even though I had registered for the class earlier that summer. Was the journalism class imaginary? 

After figuring out that the class really DID exist, I joined a group of eight other students not to write articles, but to learn about grammar and AP Style. At that moment, I thought it was a waste of time, but looking back, it led me to be the writer I am today. 

Now, let’s fast forward to the present day. 

We have 13 days left of school, and by the time this is published, high school will be officially over. Instead of using this space to say goodbye, I would like to express my gratitude. The close friends I have made throughout my high school years will not leave me when I leave Potomac — they will always be with me. Just like they will for you. 

Though everyone says this, it is true: savor the moment, savor every moment. Within the blink of an eye, what was three years left of high school is now three weeks. Go to sporting events. Create a club with your friends. Blast music in the car. Be grateful for all of these opportunities.

People sometimes say “Life isn’t like the movies,” but if you romanticize your life and do everything with a little bit of pizzazz, it really can become one. 

I am incredibly grateful for everyone in the J and everything this class has taught me. Regardless of if I become a journalist, I will carry the lessons I have learned and the memories we’ve shared forever.