Japanese Fruit Sandwich

By Emily Zhang, Features Editor

I do not think it has quite hit me that my days in high school are coming to a close. As a freshman, I remember hearing “take time to enjoy your four years; it will be over before you know it” from other seniors, but I never really realized the gravity of this advice until I look back at how fast time has flown. 

Perhaps having the latter third of my high school career on Zoom has made reflecting back on my time at WCHS bittersweet. But if I had to sum up my last four years in one word it would definitely be “growth.”

For starters, I initially loathed the thought of leaving most of my middle school friends. They were off to a different high school, and being an introvert, the idea of finding a whole new group of people I clicked with was not my idea of a great high school experience. 

However, four years later, I can wholeheartedly say that I have met some of my best friends and am thankful for the chances I have had to branch out from my comfort zone. It has both taught me lessons that’ll stay with me even after high school and has allowed me to make some of my fondest memories. 

Most importantly, if high school has given me anything, it is the opportunity to find what I am passionate about. 

As a freshman, walking through the crowded aisles at club night, I did not realize that putting down my email for the dozens of clubs offered at WCHS would have been one of the best decisions I ever made. Accidentally stumbling across clubs I later became invested in has allowed me to find my niche and has genuinely contributed to my identity.

More specifically, high school has introduced me to my liking for journalism. Either it be writing for The Observer or for outside journalism groups, I have been able to develop both my writing skills and my confidence. I found joy in seeking out stories and highlighting things that were happening around me. Learning to ask the right questions and hearing other people’s narratives has opened my eyes to new perspectives. 

Though I’m reminiscent of my time at WCHS, leaving behind what has been all too familiar, I am sure to take the accumulated knowledge that I have gained these past few years onto the next chapter of my life, 2,785 miles away.