Cabin John Shopping Center has improved, but is not everything students want it to be


Photo by Nate Levine

Chopt and Boulangerie Christophe are two new stores in the Cabin John shopping center, but the shopping center is still not all that is needed.

By Nate Levine, Promotions Manager

The frustrating reality is that Cabin John Village simply isn’t good enough for most WCHS students. Something needs to be done.

For many students at WCHS, Cabin John Village is the go-to destination for grabbing a bite to eat during lunch, after school or on weekends. However, despite the numerous restaurants already in the area, there is a growing need for more options, and the way it is being addressed is not quite enough.

Cabin John Village is the only shopping center within walking distance of the school. For students who don’t have access to a car, the lack of dining options in the area can be frustrating. 

With more restaurants added students would have more options to choose from, and the center would become a more attractive destination for students from other schools in the area as well.

The current restaurants in Cabin John Village don’t always offer the kind of food that appeals to all students. Many of the existing establishments offer cuisines that aren’t always budget-friendly, or they focus on specific types of food that may not appeal to all students. 

Besides the customer benefits, introducing more restaurants to Cabin John Village creates the potential for increased job opportunities for students and everyone else too. With more businesses opening in the area, there would be a higher demand for employees, and students would have the chance to gain valuable work experience and earn some extra cash. 

The addition of new restaurants in the area could help revitalize the Cabin John Village as a whole. With more people coming to the area to dine, other businesses in the shopping center would benefit from the increased foot traffic. 

This could lead to the opening of new stores and the creation of more job opportunities beyond just the restaurant industry. New pet stores, clothing stores, and any other business that would move into Cabin John Village would likely experience increased profits.

It’s important to note that the addition of new restaurants must be done thoughtfully and with consideration for the local community. Cabin John Village board members must work with business owners to ensure that any new establishments are sustainable and don’t negatively impact existing businesses. 

The center should encourage the opening of more diverse restaurants that cater to a range of dietary preferences and budgets, to ensure that all students have access to dining options that suit their needs.

The demand for more restaurants in Cabin John is clear, particularly for students at WCHS. The area is the only shopping center within walking distance, and the existing dining options don’t always meet the needs of the student population.

Cabin John Village must expand to include new establishments that are sustainable and cater to a diverse range of tastes and budgets, to ensure that all members of the community can enjoy the benefits of a thriving restaurant scene.

While Cabin John has tried to improve their shopping center, many view it as a failure and it is time to stop accepting the mediocrity.