Are Superbowl ads worth the expense?


Ben Affleck is seen pretending to be a Dunkin’ Donuts employee in the 2023 Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl commercial.

By Kendyl Groisser, Assistant Online Editor

Nearly 100 million people sit down to watch the biggest American football game in the US. Most watch for the game or the halftime show, but some watch for the intriguing commercials. These commercials can cost from a range of six to seven million dollars and some can cost even more depending on the length of the commercial and placement during the game. While these commercials can be very entertaining to viewers and get companies more sales, are these commercials becoming too expensive? Is it really worth it for these companies to spend all of this money?

There is one clear goal for companies to advertise, from big brands that everyone knows like Pepsi or McDonald’s to small brands that are trying to get noticed, they all want customers. A great way companies can gain customers is putting advertisements online that’ll intrigue the viewers enough to buy into their company. This is why the Super Bowl commercial slots are so popular: every company wants a chance at exposing their company to nearly 100 million viewers at home.

Most times, when a football fan is watching their favorite team play on television, they leave the screen when the commercials come on. Whether it be on their phone or going into another room, the viewer simply doesn’t care about the commercials. However people often stick around for the Super Bowl commercials because of how iconic they tend to be as well as the reputation they always have. Most often these companies choose to advertise their brand during the Super Bowl because they know that they’re going to receive the most interactions while people all over America are watching. With more interactions comes more revenue for these companies, which is why the companies invest a lot in these advertisements.

According to The Sporting News, the prices of these commercials have increased each year beginning from 1967 to present. The initial price of a slot as a Super Bowl commercial has grown from $37,500 to $6 million and continues to get higher as the years go on. The main reason for this: Super Bowl popularity.

Dunkin’, a worldwide favorite for coffee and donuts, had a commercial which included the celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. These two A-list celebrities alone cost several million dollars each for the company to hire. In addition to this, Dunkin’ paid for a 30 second slot on the Super Bowl commercial queue which added on an additional $7 million dollars to the Dunkin’ charges. It is only imaginable what the other companies for the Super Bowl paid in order to have successful commercials.

As certain companies gain more recognition and sell more products, they are also being charged insane amounts of money for a clip that is less than 30 seconds. Popular brands were seen nationwide for the Super Bowl this year such as Pepsi, Michael and Son, Dunkin’ and so many other American family favorites. However, these companies aren’t only buying the commercial slots themselves, but they are also using celebrities to appeal to the public which costs them even more money.

Not only do they have more football viewers’ attention during the Super Bowl, but people who aren’t regular football fans are also watching the Super Bowl. This means that they have the attention of more people in the US at that point in time than they would buying an ad on YouTube or a different television program.

While some may say that the Super Bowl commercials are too expensive, they have to think of the logistics. With nearly 100 million people watching each year these commercials are going to get a ton of recognition. On top of that these commercials give companies a huge boost in popularity because of the viewers that are interacting with their products. This means that these companies are spending insane amounts of money because of their projections of gaining the money back and then making even more money from the viewers they are exposing it to.

All in all, the Super Bowl commercials are one of the most entertaining parts of Super Bowl Sundays and continue to keep the viewers invested. The money spent on these can be worth it because of the money that it’s giving back to the companies and enjoyment that it’s giving to the viewers.