SAT/ACT tutors are a worthwhile investment in a student’s future


Photo by Nate Levine

Tutors give students an abundance of practice test to do at home to strengthen their test taking skills.

By Nate Levine, Promotions Manager

It is common knowledge that SAT/ACT scores play a large role in college admissions. While the SAT/ACT are largely regarded as poor tests of intelligence, many colleges look at the scores as one of the first parts of an application. With a low score, some colleges may look down upon an application, especially the more competitive schools.

Test-taking is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. In fact, it is something lots of students  struggle with and need assistance in order to reach their full potential. Many intelligent students struggle with these standardized tests because they are long, tedious and filled with tricks. To help with this process of preparing for the SAT/ACT many students end up hiring a tutor.

Getting a tutor is something that many families hold off on because of the high costs, but it ends up being well worth the money as a tutor can increase a student’s test scores by leaps and bounds.

There are many forms of tutoring, including individual, group classes or online courses. What type of tutoring the student chooses to take depends on personal preference, especially if they work better in group or individual settings.

While it is possible for a student to tutor themself, the benefits are not the same and tutors help structure the studying., which helps many students find their ideal college, claims a tutor holds students accountable for completing assignments and practice tests on time, while personal discipline may not be quite as effective. 

Along with this, tutors will identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses as a test taker and help them work on what they feel is necessary to improve. Working alone, it is much harder for students to find their strengths and weaknesses. It is often beneficial to have an outside eye on what they need help with.

However many people are against SAT/ACT tutors believing that they do not provide guaranteed results and are not worth the cost. Some SAT tutors in the Potomac area charge up to $200 an hour, while others charge as low as $45 an hour.

Saying an SAT/ACT tutor is not worth it is a false statement in general. It truly depends on the situation of each student for several reasons: how selective their college choices are, how well they do on the SAT/ACT without tutoring and the financial situation of the family., a website that helps high achieving low income students with obtaining the proper knowledge and tools to apply to top colleges, released a September 2022 article by Laura Stafforoni explaining how tutors set reasonable expectations for students. The article highlights how it is not reasonable for every student to aim for a 1600 SAT score or a 36 ACT score, as everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

What tutors specifically aim to do is make one’s weaknesses as close to their strengths as possible, raise their test scores and hopefully help them get admitted to the college of their dreams.