Precaution Necessary for CHS Students Behind the Wheel

By Bryan Fletcher, Production Editor

Getting a permit and learning to drive is something that almost every teenager anticipates excitedly, as it marks the beginning of adulthood and independence for many high school students.

Unfortunately, many of these same student drivers tend to abuse their power and find themselves in dangerous car crashes, only leading to more severe consequences later on. For this reason, it is important for new drivers to either be more aware of what is happening around them while on the road, consider waiting longer to sit at the wheel so as to avoid the injuries and lawsuits that come with a car crash, or in the worst case, have the age for when teenagers can get their license deliberately extended.

According to a July 12, 2016 Teen Driver Source article, high school students face an overwhelmingly large threat while driving, with motor vehicle accidents being the leading cause of death for American teenagers, and drivers between the ages 16 to 19 are at the largest risk for getting into a fatal crash.

Of course, not every student driver will find themselves in an accident, so this opinion is not necessarily meant for everyone to consider before they drive. However, just based on statistics, many people will encounter a possibly fatal crash at some point in their life – most likely when they start driving as a teenager, so they need to remind people of the dangers behind the wheel is always present.

But is this to say that no one should be allowed to use a car before a specific age? The answer is simply, no. Many high school students are responsible enough to know how to focus when driving, and will probably face no trouble on the road.

Yet there are always those who are less fortunate and will experience problematic situations on the road, and these are the individuals who should consider if they will be a danger to both him/herself and to others.

In conclusion, CHS students should take more precaution when and after they learn to drive so as to keep our community safe and secure for everyone in it.