Vending Machines in Need of Improvement


Photo by Ben Dross

Some students are frustrated at the shortcomings of the school’s vending machines.

By Ben Dross, Sports Editor


Vending machines give out snacks for a tiny fee, and are a simple joy to the consumers. However, at CHS, they are just a hassle.

CHS is home to multiple vending machines from the auditorium to the cafeteria. Plenty of snacks are available ranging from ice cream to Cheez-Its. There are also two soda machines, and one water machine. The selection is of good quality for a public school, however the maintenance and handling of the machines has been less than satisfactory over the past couple of years.

The stock in the vending machines is consistently running out. Snacks are constantly missing from all of the snack machines. Running out of snacks once or twice is reasonable, but the state the vending machines are in now is not acceptable. One can never guarantee that their favorite snack is available, as the machines’ options always fluctuate depending on the stock. One soda machine was only stocked at the beginning of the year, and has never been refilled after running out the first time. The other machine is only full for a few days at a time, before running out of stock and being left unfilled for a couple of days after. If the vending machines cannot be stocked reliably, it becomes an inconvenience to the students who rely on them for snacks.

Yes, some of the snacks and drinks offered in the vending machines can be purchased in the cafeteria. However, not all of the snacks are offered there and it can be an inconvenience to consumers Also, the cafeteria line is incredibly long, thus students have to waste time waiting in line for snacks that could simply be put in the vending machines.

Some vending machines are also locked during the day and do not open until after school. This just seems like a waste. Vending machines are not cheap and to leave some closed and unfilled, thus losing out on business, does not seem smart. If the vending machines were kept open, more students would be able to purchase snacks which would be a win for the school and the students.

There is also false advertising. Some snacks, specifically on the ice cream machine and the soda machines, are pictured but not available. These pictures should removed from the machines.

The machines also do not accept exact change for some prices. They only accept dollar bills and occasionally quarters depending on the machine. Other change just goes right through it, coming out in the part where the machine is supposed to give you change after you buy snacks. This is not labeled on the machine at all and can frustrate consumers who are trying to buy snacks with other coins.  It also causes backups for waiting students as the other students deal with getting their money back out after realizing the machines do not accept their payment.  

The solution to the vending machine problem is simple. The snacks are fine. No one minds that the health of snacks and under school guidelines they are perfectly acceptable. However, using the vending machines is a hassle for students and that should not be the case. By correctly advertising the way the vending machines work and keeping them stocked, more people will be enticed to buy snacks. That would be a victory for both the school and the students.