Student Participation in Sources of Strength Field Day Should be Encouraged


Cartoon by Sai Sreenivasan.

SOS Field Day will take place on May 14 to promote peace and unity among CHS students.

By Sai Sreenivasan, Observations Editor

CHS has had a difficult year. With two suicides, CHS is in need of some bonding, and the SOS Field Day is the way to accomplish that.

When the CHS community was in need, the sophomore class held the U-Nite event in which students came out to bond as a CHS family. The SOS Field Day is a similar opportunity to reach out to a larger group of students to join together in the hopes that we can begin to heal as a community.

The Sources of Strength (SOS) Field Day will be held on May 16, and it offers an opportunity for the school to unite in exciting and relaxing activities.

After the past two stressful weeks of AP exams, this field day also offers the opportunity to de-stress and get some physical activity. There will be no classes, and all that’s needed is a water bottle and comfortable clothes.

As members of the student body, we continue to complain about the lack of school spirit and how the administration has failed us, but this is an opportunity to solve those problems. This is an effort by the school to reunite the student body and it’s important to attend and encourage such activities in the future.

It’s no secret that CHS is an extremely competitive school and the students stick to their cliques, but as a student body we need to develop awareness and a sense of community. This past year has brought about change and compassion but it was in fact short-lived and we need this change to last.

Admittedly field day isn’t for everyone, especially those of us who aren’t athletic. Unfortunately the non-athletes are the students who need to be included in the community which is primarily composed of athletics and academics. However, by attending the field day, administration would recognize the need for such activities and hopefully conduct more field days in the future.   

Teachers and students alike are putting in time to make this field day the best day it can be, and as students, we should honor our side of the commitment, which is really simple- showing up.

SOS was meant to bring awareness to the school and encourage compassion between students. This is the first time SOS has attempted to bring the school together and it’s a day we should all embrace.