UN shows its true colors, they are not blue and white

Photo by Tyler Mead

Photo by Tyler Mead

By Dana Harris, Online Features Editor

The United Nations (UN) was created after World War II, once the League of Nations failed.  This world-renowned organization tries to keep peace between rival nations, provide humanitarian aid, assist in providing solutions for political and economic problems that arise and more.  Although this organization was created for the good of the world, it has long been accused of having a double standard in regard to its actions on issues concerning Israel.

Israel is the size of New Jersey and is bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.  The territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are home to law-abiding citizens as well as terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Fatah. There has been a tremendous amount of conflict throughout Israel’s existence, and the tensions are rising once again between the West Bank and Gaza Strip against Israel.

Most recently, in early April 2013, a terrorist organization based out of the Gaza Strip fired kassam rockets at Israel.

According to the UN website, a UN envoy condemned the rocket fire and asked for Israel to show restraint and to not fire back.

While the request for “restraint” is valuable, after repeated firing of rockets, doesn’t Israeli restraint serve only to encourage additional violence against Israeli citizens by the terrorist groups in Gaza? Why can’t the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) defend their country by firing back targeted missiles at launching sites, sending a clear message to the terrorists that this will not be tolerated by the Israeli government? This is the IDFs job—to keep the Israeli civilians safe from attacks and to destroy the enemies’ rockets supplies.

According to the official UN website, an organization has been set up to send money to the West Bank and Gaza Strip to repair many of the damaged homes from a November 2012 conflict.  Yes, these civilians need money to repair their homes, but what about the civilians living in Israel who had their homes damaged?  Why isn’t there money being sent by the UN to help repair the homes and properties damaged by the 1,500 rockets Hamas fired?

According to UNWatch.com, a site that monitors the United Nations Council, in 2011 various countries including Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Venezuela and Egypt attacked Israel for “crimes against humanity.” These countries singled out Israel, ignoring the ongoing massacre occurring in Syria.

Between January and February of 2013, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) slammed Israel for “violating” human rights and international law, urged a withdrawal from the West Bank and east Jerusalem, and called for private businesses to terminate their business interests in the settlements.

According to the official document of resolutions passed in the UN, the Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, has recognized that there has been an anti-Israel bias over the years but has not done anything specific to put an end to the trend.

In August 2008, Israel was elected to the Universal Postal Union Operations Council, an organization that interconnects universal networks of products and services. While this is a positive step towards fairness, that still does not demonstrate Israel being treated equally.

The UN is a wonderful organization in some aspects, but it needs to stop its anti-Israel bias.  In order for the UN to really have a positive impact for generations to come, they need to treat each country equally and with respect.