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Twitter Takes Social Networking to New Level

When I first got my Twitter page, many questioned, “Why would anybody use Twitter?”

This upset me: though its reputation claims that all it does is post statuses and stalk celebs, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Twitter not only proves to be more efficient, but also less time consuming than Facebook.

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Twitter puts a cap on “tweets” at 140 characters, unlike Facebook statuses which triple the Twitter limit at 420.

That way, it is impossible to waste your time with eloquent diction. It is also why this article does not waste a single word.

The word Facebook is synonymous with “procrastination.” An accidental stumble on Facebook can turn into poorly spent hours.

This is hardly the case with Twitter, because when someone follows you, you do not have to follow him or her back.

On Facebook if a stranger “friends” you, you may be surprised to find out they “like” every page that relates to them.

It’s annoying.

Twitter does not have that social network’s flaw of knowing someone you do not want to know.

It is very common for celebrities to have over 1,000,000 followers, but follow under 10 people.

Ever seen someone on Facebook with a million friends? They could never possibly care for the vast majority of those people.

The beauty of Twitter is knowing that the vast majority of those million people care for them. Twitter is more loving than Facebook.

Another feature of Twitter that separates it from any website is the “trending topics” section of the newsfeed.

The trending topics combine both hard, soft news, and world news. Facebook does not add to intellectual knowledge, just gossip.

If Lindsay Lohan gets a personal record with a third DUI of the week, it’ll be among the trending topics.

However, if Barack Obama can manage to get both political parties to actually pass something, it will also be amongst the trending topics.

Therefore, Twitter is TMZ, CNN and ESPN all rolled into one website. Facebook is just a more efficient version of MySpace.

The trending topics also enable the user to receive various humanitarian benefits.

Twitter allowed me to help Aidan, a toddler with leukemia, by bidding on his drawings that are being auctioned to pay for his chemotherapy.

When was the last time you used Facebook to help a child in need?

I can proudly say I have accomplished half of my goals I set when I joined Twitter.

My first one, which I accomplished with stars and stripes, was to expand my network and meet people.

My other goal, sadly not met, was to become more popular on Twitter than Lebron James.

My modest follower total of 16 is currently struggling in comparison to Lebron’s total of over 985,000.

Well played @kingjames.

I highly encourage everyone to get past the anti-Twitter anxiety and create a page today.

Twitter, I’d say, stands on its own as a vastly innovative site, and is without a question, equal to that of Facebook.

And if you’re still not sold, just remember it can’t possibly be as bad as Myspace :- p.

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Twitter Takes Social Networking to New Level