Increase of selling of school shirts leads to increase in school spirit


Courtesy of Lucia Alem

Lucia Alem and friends are all cheering on the CHS football team while wearing their blackout shirts.

By Jordyn Green, Assistant Online Editor-in-Chief

Since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, CHS SGA has sold four different tee shirts: the Blackout shirt, the annual Dawg Pound shirt, Powderpuff shirts and most recently, the Blue-out shirt.

“The main reason [SGA is selling more shirts] is to unify Churchill as a community,” junior and school vice president Lucia Alem said.

The shirts were sold to be worn at each of the home football games to correspond with the game’s spirit theme.

“The shirts the SGA is selling help elevate the school spirit and give a unique look and sense of solidarity of our school at our home and away games,” junior class vice president Will Ahn said.

The shirts are sold during lunch or through the Online School Payments (OSP) system. The cost has ranged from ten to 20 dollars.

“I think ten dollars is fine but more than that is kind of expensive for one t-shirt, although it depends on if it’s cute,” junior Micaela Magud said.

The shirts are designed by the SGA; however, the student body voted on the Dawg Pound shirt design..

“I think I would be more willing to buy a shirt if I had more say in the design,” Magud said.

SGA still has plenty more shirts coming up for the rest of the year. They plan on selling shirts for every major school event this year.

“Keep an eye out for Breast Cancer awareness shirts, we’re going to be selling them soon,” Alem said.