WCHS Poms serve coffee to spirited teachers


David Malament

CHS Poms served coffee to any teacher wearing green, blue, white, or a CHS shirt.

By David Malament, Promotions Manager

On Friday Sept. 28, the CHS Poms team served free coffee to any teacher who showed their school spirit in the second floor teacher’s lounge. The coffee was available to any faculty member wearing blue, green, white or a CHS shirt.

The coffee was from Dunkin’ Donuts, and the money to sponsor the event was raised through various fundraisers. In hopes of getting more CHS teachers to participate in Spirit Fridays, the poms gave CHS staff their morning fix for free as an incentive.

“The reason we served the coffee was to try to get more teachers and staff to participate in spirit Friday,” ceramics teacher and poms coach Tiffany Carmi said. “As the poms team, it’s kind of our job to be spirited and spread it.”

Faculty members were pouring in and out of the lounge all throughout the morning to make sure they got their free coffee.

“The event went extremely well,” junior Danielle Miller, who is on poms said.  “We were able to get more teachers participate in Spirit Fridays through coffee and ultimately achieve our goal of spreading school spirit.”