Powderpuff, floats combine, brings crowd with it

By Anna Baranko, Online Features Editor

The typical scene of powderpuff is empty stands, but this year it was different.


This year, in hopes of increasing attendance, powderpuff was held Oct.12 after the presentation of the homecoming floats. In previous years, the homecoming floats were shown before the homecoming football game, but this year the SGA decided to display them before the powderpuff game.


“I think combining the powderpuff game and the presentation of homecoming floats is a great idea because hopefully more people will be there to watch the game. It’s such a great display of school spirit,” senior Gabriella Baker said.


In the past, powderpuff games were held after school or during the weekend, where there was consistently been low attendance.


“A goal of this is get more community involvement. In the past, powderpuff has not been a hot ticket item in the community. The hope is that since it is at night under the lights, more people will attend,” said senior class sponsor Evan Rosenthal.


The floats are always presented along with skits from each class. The SGA wanted the students to get to perform on the track, so they could use the sound system and have the crowd in the bleachers. Last year, the game was after school on the day of the homecoming game, so both the skits and the float presentations were rushed before the football team played their game.


“It went well,” SGA sponsor Shelley Perrett said. “The crowd on Thursday night was great! Kids weren’t as rushed to set up and tear down [floats]. Although most didn’t stay for the powderpuff game, the stands were full for the class performances.”


Having the game on Thursday night gave the girls the opportunity to play under the lights.There was also the hope that powderpuff would become more of a community event. The homecoming floats being shown before the game drew more people for the actual game.


“We decided to put powderpuff under the lights to give the girls at our school, whether they play sports or not, the opportunity to shine,” Rosenthal said.


Powderpuff is one of the many homecoming week activities. It gives senior and junior girls the opportunity to play a friendly football game and boost spirit before the homecoming game. Last year the juniors, this year’s seniors, lost to the senior class.


“It was a bummer that we lost, but we’re ready to come back this year and get the win,” Baker said.