Potomac Day delivers yet again


Photo Courtesy of Bianca Mittu

Policemen on horses lead the Parade, holding the colors of Maryland and the U.S.

By Riley Hurr, Circulation Manager

There’s one day out out of the entire year where the streets of Potomac are closed off and the whole community comes together to celebrate: Potomac Day.


The 35th annual Potomac Day was Oct. 21. Located around the Potomac Village, a huge parade, incorporating the entire community, kicks off the day. All aspects of the community–ranging from different organizations and businesses to politicians–participate in the parade. Afterwards, there are many festivities held in the surrounding parking lots.


In the parade participants hand out prizes and gifts to the crowd, such as candy, gift cards and stickers, in appreciation of the support from the town.


“This year I was in the parade and helped a friend promote a company,” said sophomore Rachel de Silva. “My favorite thing [about Potomac Day] is that I get to spend time with my friends and family.”


The celebration is hosted by The Potomac Chamber of Commerce and is a great time for the community to give back. Some of the activities available include moon bounces, rides and games. If that is not enough, there are tons of animals to pet.


Many CHS students attend, as it is a chance to appreciate the local businesses and create memories.


“I used to go a lot when I was younger,” sophomore Elise Prosen said. “I always really loved the games and food but thinking back I realized the idea of having a whole community come together to celebrate something is really cool.”


The Day takes place in the heart of Potomac and is sponsored by many local businesses. For example, Moby Dick and C2 Education, both of which have recently moved into the Potomac area, are sponsors of this event, alongside many other local businesses.


In the parking lots of the Potomac Village Shopping Center, there were never-ending lines for the many booths and activities held throughout the day, proving the Day’s popularity.


“My favorite part about Potomac Day was learning about the different businesses in Potomac and meeting new people,” said sophomore Taylor Tran. “Potomac Day is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and I can’t wait for it next year!” said Tran.