MCPS adopts new grade-viewing system


After using Edline for years, MCPS recently switched to MyMCPS to electronically informed students and parents of their grades.

By Sophie Liss, Sports Editor

MCPS has created and implemented a new platform for reporting grades posting assignments:myMCPS Classroom. This will replace the use of Edline for the 2017-2018 school year.

The new system is more cost effective than Edline was, allows teachers to annotate and write comments on documents as they grade, and gives students access to both their assignments and grades on the same website.

“There’s a lot of change at one time,” principal Joan Benz said. “Everyone is getting used to it. It’s supposed to make everything easier for everyone, but we are going to be doing a lot of feedback in the school and in the county.”

Change can be difficult, especially because teachers had to abandon a system they knew and understood to switch to a completely new system. MCPS has been working on the new portal since 2011. However, some teachers  are embracing the new platformthat will combine resources from multiple places into a single website.

“I was excited for a new platform that might incorporate some newer collaborative practices into student work,” AP Environmental Science teacher Gary Rogers said. “I like how it integrates newer technologies like Google Drive and Discovery Education, and how it allows assignments to be graded and annotated on a copy for students.”

Rogers has gone through training in order to learn how to use myMCPS Classroom and has also taught other teachers and staff members at CHS how to use it. Even though he has been able to teach others about it, he is still constantly learning new things that can be done on myMCPS Classroom.

“Even though I’ve had training opportunities, I’m still learning,” Rogers said. “It really requires you to dive in. I’ve been modeling its use to teachers who have expressed interest. As we go through the school year, we will get more teachers on board.”

Most students have similar thoughts to teachers, in that they know it will be a big adjustment, but the end result has the potential of being a great new system and resource for both students and teachers.

“It’s an interesting change,” junior Simon Fettig said. “It’s a little different and it will take some time to adjust to but once we get it sorted out, it will be a better system.”

Although the system is brand new and teachers are just becoming comfortable with it, many staff members are optimistic about the resources and opportunities that are available through myMCPS Classroom.

“It’s going to be a lot of experience and giving feedback,” Benz said. “Hopefully [teachers] will be adding much more than just grades. There will be rubrics there and homework because [students] need these reference points.”