Media Center adopts a new Sign-in System

Students use a chromebook to sign into the media center

Students use a chromebook to sign into the media center

By Anna Baranko, Social Media Editor

Earlier this week, a new sign-in system for the media center that was implemented.

Now, students coming into the media center during a class need to sign in on a chromebook before getting onto a computer or doing work at a table.

The sign-in system has been around for about 7-8 months and was introduced in other schools before it came to CHS. Einstein HS was the first school to implement it.

“CHS is probably the eighth or ninth school to implement it,” Media Specialist Paige Pagley said.

The sign in page has a few questions including the student’s name, teacher and the period they are in.

According to junior Isabel Hertz-Miñoso she goes to the Media center frequently during her spanish class, and thinks the sign-in process might take time away from her actually being able to do work.

Before this online sign-in was started students would just need to bring a pass from their teacher and give it to Mrs. Pagley. Now the system automatically sends the student’s teacher an email saying they checked into the media center.

“This is my communication back to the teacher so it’s a full cycle of communication. One of the problems in this building is communication so anything that I can do to make it better I feel is a good practice,” Pagley said.

This process helps the media center be more organized and keeps teachers in the loop of where their students are.