Pep Rallies Lack Excitement and Attendance


Photo by Anna Baranko

Pep rallies are meant to show the best of CHS, yet they often fail to do so.

By Anna Baranko, Social Media Editor

A pep rally is like a mandatory class on school spirit, except most kids skip.

The fall pep rally is scheduled for Friday October 14, which also happens to be SOS day.

The homecoming football game is that evening with the dance following the next day.

“Pep rallies are a cool way of showing spirit and seeing all the teams with friends and classmates,” junior Cameron Amini said.

Many students enjoy the pep rallies and think that they are a fun break from a stressful school day. However, it’s obvious that a large number of students skip pep rallies and just leave school once classes end for the day.

“I think pep rallies are a bit boring. They usually are not that fun and a lot of people don’t put a lot of effort into it and have no spirit,” Senior Amin Mirzaie said.

The SGA has been trying to boost school spirit by getting more attendance at football games. They have put up posters around the school comparing CHS’s home game attendance to other schools. This year the SGA is hoping the pep rally will help there be more spirit.

“Pep rallies increase spirit. They let us see all the teams, have fun by participating in activities, and encourage everyone to go out to the events,” Amini said.

While pep rallies do have some events, most students do not get to participate and just sit and watch. All of the fall sports teams get to walk out on the track during the pep rally, but club sports, such as crew, do not.  

“Pep rallies have pretty much been the same since my freshman year,” Mirzaie said. “They would be more fun if they were more engaging and there was incentives to go like actual prizes or more class competitions.”