CHS gets rid of wellness weekend

By Brittany Goodman, News Editor

Although CHS students were looking forward to a stress free weekend after the chaotic snow day makeup schedule, they will have to wait. The 2014 Wellness Weekend has officially been canceled.

Wellness Weekend was originally created by the Character Education Committee in order to promote healthy activities where students can get their noses out of books and enjoy the start of spring. This detox experience was reanalyzed March 11 by the leadership team at CHS which incorporates all of the department heads along with administration. They have decided that due to the numerous snow days this year’s Wellness Weekend will no longer be among us.

“The intention of Wellness Weekend is to give students relief by having less work,” assistant principal John Taylor said. “Because we have had so many interferences due to snow days, imposing Wellness Weekend would disrupt the flow of the academic calendar and therefore put new stress on students.”

Many students were not aware of this change, and their initial reaction is presumably negative. CHS students were looking forward to a weekend to get collected in order to finish the academic year strong.

“I think they should have kept the Wellness Weekend because students were looking forward to an enjoyable, homework free weekend,” senior Jimmy Shwartzman said.

Though CHS students were disappointed that Wellness Weekend was canceled, many students believe that some CHS faculty members do not abide by the rules outlined by Wellness Weekend, so the cancelation did not come as much of a shock.

“I feel that some teachers don’t follow it, but when they do, Wellness Weekend is very helpful and needed,” senior Kiana Givpoor said. There are so many weekends where I have ridiculous amounts of work, and Wellness Weekends really allow students relax.”

According to an anonymous teacher, considering all the snows days, Wellness Weekend would be catastrophic to classroom instruction. Though teachers do try to follow the rules of Wellness Weekend, at times it is impossible to do so especially because of the already enforced test day schedule.

“I think that if the school was going to decide that Wellness Weekend was to be cancelled, it shouldn’t have been [Tues. March 11],” senior Jacob Honigman said. “I had five test [Thurs. March 13] because every teacher had pushed them up to Thursday due to the previously scheduled weekend because they were expecting students to have the weekend off.”