New Harry Potter club at CHS

New Harry Potter club at CHS

Club members sit in the libraryand read the Harry Potter series.

By Ilana Berger, Staff Writer

CHS Harry Potter fans are celebrating the long awaited creation of the new Harry Potter club. Co-Presidents include senior Greer Smith, head of Slytherin and junior Katya Ellis, head of Ravenclaw. The Vice President and head of Gryffindor is junior Griffin Horn and the Treasurer, and head of Hufflepuff is senior Emily Birnbaum. All avid fans themselves, and can’t wait to get the club going.

“Greer and I just love Harry Potter and both recently reread the series, so it was central to our minds and we talked about it and thought it would be something that a lot of people would be interested in,” Ellis said.

Indeed, CHS has proved to have a big Harry Potter following. The club currently has more than 70 members singed up.

“I guess I can’t say I expected so many people to join because I really had no idea as to how popular this club would be,” Horn said, “I’m ecstatic about the initial interest.”

At one of their first events, the club officials plan to sort members into the four different houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. They also plan to have movie screenings and discussions, as well as hold competitions, bake sales, and book drives to raise money for various charities. They may even be able to organize a quidditch match.

Even students who have never read the books or seen the movies are welcome to join the club and share the magic.

“We are very open to new members,” Ellis said. “Our Facebook group is always active with members posting funny things related to Harry Potter, and I highly encourage students to get involved.”