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Potomac Day has become a community tradition

Photo by Isabel Vorabhanda
Companies set up stands filling up the parking lot on Potomac day. The Potomac community comes together on this day and celebrate with potomac day festivites.

Candy bowls, flyers and other merchandise are set out on tables, warm smiles are exchanged and most importantly, memories are being made. Companies await this exciting day where they can set up a booth and those of the community can visit them. The parking lots fill with games, photo stands and booths. Little by little, families pour into the parking lots, and young kids challenge each other to the rock wall, paint pumpkins and grab free pastries. These moments become key memories later on in their life and what emerges into Potomac Day, a day that the Potomac community comes together.

“Potomac Day is a gathering for the whole community to come together and enjoy activities.” WCHS sophomore Sydney Langer said. “Every year, I feel like it gets a little bit better bringing in different rides and activities while still keeping its comforting charm.”

Living close by, both Langer and WCHS sophomore Izzy Alavi remember the joyous nature of this experience, from spending the morning filling bags with candy to grabbing lunch somewhere in the village. It has become a tradition year after year that not only do they not want to miss, but it’s forever a fall tradition that is integral to the whole Potomac community.

“I usually walk around with a few friends. We go to all of the stands and get candy, flyers and other little things that they are giving away,” WCHS sophomore Izzy Alavi said. “My friends and I usually walk around with a big bag to collect these things, which usually results in a pretty big collection.”

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Langer often spends the day with her family. Especially as she has gotten older, it has been harder to spend time with her siblings, with sports and extracurriculars filling up her commitments. She ensures that she goes on at least one ride with her brother, as well as walking around and catching up on their lives.

“I try to spend as much time with my family during [Potomac Day] because I feel like it is one of the best times to do so. It is always fun to go on rides and check out different booths together, which is more exciting than home activities,” Langer said. “My favorite things are being able to see so many familiar faces having fun and enjoying themselves. It helps me feel more connected with my community, especially if I haven’t seen a neighbor in a while.”

Potomac Day is one the most anticipated events each year, as neighbors of all ages come down to celebrate and reconnect with old friends and loved ones. Many will also invite friends who live further away, inviting them into the warm Potomac community.

“A fond memory that I have is meeting up with three friends from school and getting in line for all the rides and then getting cotton candy and ice cream after,” Alavi said. “It was my favorite day of second grade.”

There is something for everyone at Potomac Day, whether strolling around the different stands or participating in activities. This is a special moment for kids, especially as these will become memories to last a lifetime.

“I will always cherish these last moments spent here, and I will dearly miss them after I leave for college,” Alavi said. “I hope to spend the next two years at Potomac Day again, celebrating with friends and having a blast.”

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