Incoming! Class of 2027 gets ready to join WCHS


Photo courtesy of WCHS on Twitter

WCHS Bulldog mascot welcomes the incoming 9th graders on orientation to uplift them and get them excited for the new school year.

By Rayyan Abunaof, Staff Writer

All over the country, schools host orientations either at the end of the school year or just before the new school year starts. This event is mainly for incoming freshmen as an opportunity to get a tour and discover other useful information about what the school has to offer.

This is an important event because there are essential topics being discussed with students, such as safety and specific school rules. It is a great way for students to ask questions and talk to coaches and teachers, so that everyone is on the same page and well-prepared for the rest of the school year.

At WCHS, although the administrators try their best to make the orientation as organized and smooth as possible, they are not always perfect; there can sometimes be some topics or information that are left out or not talked about enough.

“I think an important thing to include on this day is during the tour of the school, the people giving the tour should start pointing out the emergency exists around the school,” WCHS freshman Kyara Aldana-Traverso said. “In case of an emergency people should know most of the emergency exits in the school.”

Apart from extracurriculars and classes, during the upcoming 9th grade orientation schools including WCHS, should talk more about the rules and consequences that apply strictly to the school as this would be very helpful to many students.

“The school should definitely talk more about the specific rules that apply to Churchill,” WCHS freshman Farah Hamidzai said. “This is because middle school is very different from high school so the rules are different and that is something important that the new freshmen have to understand coming into high school.”

At the same time, a positive aspect to the orientation can be that students get to see their friends either before summer break or just before the school year officially starts. After the orientation is over, the administrators do something fun for the students to get them excited for the new school year, which results in students making fun memories.

“I liked how the school aimed to bring excitement for the new school year by having a little party at the end of the orientation,” Aldana-Traverso said. “I remember there was pizza, ice- cream and shirt distribution but also a lot of beneficial information.”

Apart from talking about rules, consequences and the work, during orientation many WCHS students like Hamidzai believe that the school should also cover more information on the extracurricular activities they offer because they are just as important as all of the other topics.

“If not in depth then briefly, the school should give the incoming freshmen a list of the extracurriculars they offer and what the expectations are,” Hamidzai said. “There are usually a lot of questions that come up in the area and could use some clarification.”

Rising 9th graders coming from different middle schools are often unfamiliar with the school itself and where the classes are. So during orientation it would be helpful if there are teachers and staff in the hallways to show the students around. This reduces confusion and chaos during the first day of school.

“A tour of the school, a map of the school or even teachers standing in the hallways ready to help you find your classes can be very helpful for the incoming freshmans,” Aldana-Traverso said. “This way the students are more familiar with the school and hopefully feel more comfortable when going to class.”

The incoming freshman orientation is an important event for the WCHS community because it is a way for the teachers and staff to connect with the new students joining the WCHS community and to learn about the expectation the school holds and more.

“One thing I want to say to the incoming freshmans is to make everyday count,”Hamidzai said. “Everyday is a new opportunity here at WCHS and taking advantage of these opportunities is the good way to success.”