Grand opening of Capo Deli’s deli-ghtful delicacy delights taste buds!


Photo by Naomi Wright

The newest addition to Cabin John Village, Capo Deli. They offer a variety of sandwiches and desserts to compliment customers meals.

By Naomi Wright, Advertising & Subscriptions Manager

When it looks as though Cabin John is crowded enough with the newest additions of stores and renovations of well-established businesses, black letters are spelling out the words “Now Open!” over the door of a restaurant named Capo Deli. A theme of black and white colors opposing the color themes other diners consist of, a clean scent conflicted with the tasteful flavors that’s being prepared just five feet away from the cashier and a smile from the polite and attentive staff that pass out small booklets of the menu for customers.

Owner Joann Dillinger suggested opening this restaurant after thinking it would be a new venture in [her] career and would create a pleasurable experience for their customers. They have furthered their business by incorporating online services such as Toast, (their website), and there will soon be UberEats. Although they don’t offer vegan options, they’re open to new ideas and improving their business in any way they can.

“Although I’ve only been to Capo Deli once, I enjoyed my experience. The moment I walked in one of the cashiers handed me a copy of the menu to look at, and everyone was really polite,” WCHS sophomore Brooke Roberts said.

The menu consists of various hot and cold sandwiches for customers, such as the Italian combo, buffalo chicken cheesesteak, and chicken fontina. The cold subs are $11.99 for small and $14.99 for large, while the hot subs are a dollar more for each size. In addition, some of the sweets they offer include the banana bread pudding and a unique option called the Cookie Mousse with Oreo, which are both $7.

“I think the best item I’ve tried is either the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak or the Italian Combo, they’re both delicious,” WCHS sophomore Isabella Phelps said. “Although the buffalo sub drips a decent amount, there is so much flavor in just one bite. I also really like the Italian sub, not just because it tastes good but it’s also visually pleasing.”

The Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak sub is crispy enough that it is easy to bite into, but not so tough that it is difficult to chew. The chicken is tender with a rusty orange color that leaves a lingering piquant taste on the tongue. On the other hand, the Italian combo sub has softer bread and is more airy. In addition, it has a brighter composition of color and is so flavorful that the taste ranges from the onions to the meat.

“I didn’t think the chicken fontina was bad; while I felt like I could taste the peppers and arugula and basil aioli spread on the bread, I couldn’t taste the chicken itself,” Roberts said. “I thought it was very bland and the other ingredients added the flavor to the sandwich when it should have been the chicken. I would recommend adding a preferred sauce you like or eating it with a side of chips to bring more flavor.”

At first glance, the Cookie Mousse w/Oreo looks peculiar. However, it possesses a similar texture and taste to smooth, creamy and sweet ice cream. It has dark coloring close to an Oreo, except there are white specks spread out all over the mousse.

“I think [the Cookie Mousse] tastes good, but I would add some crushed-up cookies or some dessert syrup to make it taste sweeter, but it’s already pretty good,” Phelps said.

Appearance wise, the banana bread pudding looks appealing with the scattered chocolate chips and sliced banana on top to complement the pudding. However, the texture of this dessert made it challenging to cut into, as well as the sliced bananas on top along with the chocolate chips. There wasn’t much flavor in the pudding besides the chocolate chips’ sweetness.

“This definitely has to be my least favorite item that I tried on the menu, and it surprised me because I went based on looks, so I assumed it was going to be really good, but I personally did not like it and would not recommend it,” Roberts said.

Overall, Capo Deli leaves customers with a memorable experience, regarding not just the food but also the service of their staff and the serene decor of the restaurant. Furthermore, the staff there spares no time preparing their customers’ orders as they come within 10 minutes of when a person arrives.

“I would recommend Capo Deli to my friends and family just because of the great service, timeliness, and delicious food that left a positive impact on me after I left,” Phelps said.