8 popular prom trends of 2023


Photo Courtesy of Reima Mannan

Former WCHS student Reva Mannan poses for the camera during her prom of May 2022. She picked an ombre style dress to be trendy but also wear something she loves.

By Diya Kachoria, Photo Manager

With Senior Prom coming up on May 20, many WCHS students are scrambling to find a last minute prom dress and finalize everything needed to make the memorable night perfect. Some students started preparing for the special occasion in January, while others are just now starting their Prom shopping process. As the date approaches and dress decisions have to be made, some Prom dress fashion trends have been coming and going while others stay. Here are eight popular prom dress trends, which may help when trying to find a style:

In recent years, adding feathers to dresses has been a popular trend that keeps the dress look classy while also making it eye-catching. Feathers have been added to outfits by many models and celebrities at special events, so students have jumped on the bandwagon and decided to make it a trend. There have been mixed opinions about whether feathers are truly fancy, but the trend still continues in 2023.

The color red:
This vibrant and bold color has been in style for several years, and still manages to catch many customers’ eyes when shopping at stores. The color makes a statement, which is why it is popular for such a special occasion. The color red seems to be timeless and never goes out of style, which is why it shows up as a major trend every year.

Students can sparkle and dazzle on the dance floor throughout the night with this popular choice. Adding even a few sequins to a dress can also make for a subtle look if not wanting to look too over-the-top. With a variety of options for the extent of sequin-ing, students can pick how they want to look during the evening.

On such a big night, this elegant and smooth material can make students feel special, allowing the dress to flow however wanted. It also makes for the best feeling of comfort, allowing students to be in this material for several hours. Because this material is seen as having natural beauty and adds so much detail to even a simple dress, silk can make WCHS students look sophisticated on their prom night.

Floral print:
Students have started to embrace the spring season and warm weather by wearing a floral print of many colors and designs. Although usually seen in casual summer dresses, floral prints have started to become more formal when students are looking for a delicate and lighter look. With this trend rising in popularity, it will likely be seen more often throughout the next few years.

One-shoulder dresses:
When trying to find a dress that looks different from past high school dances, students may want to spice up their look by not going for a traditionally strapped dress. A one-shoulder dress allows students to make use of fewer accessories and draw more attention to the dress. This type of dress allows a student to stand out in a newer and less popular style.

Corset dress:
Corset dresses have been on the rise in popularity during recent years as students are looking for a clean and elegant look they can easily accessorize. With a corset dress being tighter at the top, students can choose between wanting a flowy or straight dress. Just like any other dress, students can choose the style they would like their dress, along with the corset.

In order to get a variety of different shades of a certain color, some students like to go with an ombre style. This way, students do not have to pick between a light or dark color, but get everything they are looking for. Ombre dresses can be in any style, but most appear to be more flowy for prom.

While some prom trends have stayed consistently popular, over time, many styles fall out of fashion and reappear years later. While some students prefer to stay within these trends, while others would rather go for the look they prefer the best. Either way, there is a variety of dresses WCHS students can pick from to make their prom look just as they want.