WCHS community gets help from “Write In 2 College” to navigate the college admissions process


Photo Courtesy of Jennifer O'Donnell

Jennifer Inglisa (left) and Jennifer O’Donnell (right) work together as a dynamic duo to run Write In 2 College which provides students with thorough help throughout the college admissions process.

By Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor

As May 1 quickly approaches, high school seniors around the country will be deciding how to spend the next four plus years of their lives. The accumulation of the past few years of work is finally going to pay off for many seniors. However, as the process ends for the class of 2023, it begins for the class of 2024.

Luckily, for students within the WCHS community, there are many resources available to help throughout this time of tribulation. Write In 2 College is one of these readily available resources. The company, which is run by two WCHS parents, helps students craft their college essays and quiet all the daunting anxiety surrounding the process. Jennifer O’Donnell and Jennifer Inglisa are the dynamic duo behind the operation, with both women having expertise in writing, editing and marketing.

“We saw how tough and stressful the college application process can be on students and their parents and we wanted to help. What better use of years of editorial and marketing experience than to help the next generation succeed,” Inglisa said. “I’ve never seen a more dedicated group of students than those within the WCHS community. Jen and I are both Mom’s of Churchill graduates and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the hard work, tireless hours of study and dedication pay off when our students get into college.”

The process is known to be very personal, as students are tasked with providing college admissions representatives all there is to know about their lives. Sometimes, students may feel very uncomfortable sharing stories that they may not have told even their own parents before. The sense of community that comes with the Write In 2 College process is like no other.

As two mothers of WCHS students, both Jennifer’s have a very open and kind nature. Being able to be so transparent with one’s college counselors is very important, because ultimately they are there to assist students in the college process

“Mrs. Inglisa and Mrs. O’Donnell were both very inviting when I first met them. Throughout the application process, they created a comfortable space for me to brainstorm and organize my thoughts,” WCHS senior Leyla Davarya said. “Knowing they were WCHS parents made me feel better understood as a student as they were knowledgeable of the events going on in my school life along with my application schedule.”

This added sense of nurture not only helps create a more genuine work environment where better ideas can be brought to life, but also helps the student to feel comfortable while they are taking such big steps.

“The environment was great because I already knew Mrs. O’Donnell beforehand and she made it a very comfortable work environment for me,” WCHS senior Daniel Huck said. “Her help lifted a huge weight off my shoulders because I had so many topics I wanted to write about and was stressed about which one to pick. She was there for me every step of the way and was super supportive.”

Due to the cutthroat nature of the current college admissions process, many students stress themselves out trying to find stories that will make them stand out from the rest of the competition. As a student works with Write In 2 College, they not only learn more about the process, but they learn more about themselves. Through conversations and brainstorming, every student is able to find the story that makes them unique and craft that into an essay.

“Mrs. Inglisa and Mrs. O’Donnell helped me better communicate who I was through my application. We spent many hours brainstorming different words and ideas for my essays and we never settled unless I was 100% satisfied with how I was displaying myself,” Davarya said. They really helped me take my writing to the next level and put together an application I was truly proud of.”

Even though WCHS students may have similar experiences that work against this notion of being “different,” Write In 2 College understands that better than everyone else and makes sure to differentiate all of their applicants, as no two people are actually the same. Working to help strain out the “common” shared experiences that may create a false narrative is what Write In 2 College does best.

“Working closely with our students, they trust our expertise and know that we are available to them (and their parents) at any time,” O’Donnell said. “We know that essays, activities, and distinct storylines are more important than ever. Our individual expertise, reach, and customized process translates to working with a wide variety of students, both here at Churchill and beyond, giving us a truly unique perspective.”

Today, it takes more than a perfect SAT score and a 4.0 GPA to get into some of the top universities and colleges in the world. To take advantage of all there is to know about being successful throughout the college admissions process, Write In 2 College is a fantastic resource for students.

“I would 100% recommend them. Between the two, Mrs. Inglisa and Mrs. O’Donnell cover everything and anything a student may need help with during college applications. They’re an amazing support team and were very flexible with how I wanted to complete my application,” Davarya said.