NAHS art show will be filled with masterpieces and fundraising


Photo courtesy of Tarina Amaralikit

Tarina Amaralikit spent weeks creating a piece specifically for the NAHS art show. Her piece is about the imagination of childhood, which often creates magic out of everyday and overlooked objects.

By Caitlin Murphy, Copy Editor

Painting. Sculpture. Drawing. Fashion. Photography. At WCHS, students have the opportunity to explore their creative sides with the numerous art classes offered, ranging from introductory classes for beginners to AP level courses for experienced artists. Juniors and seniors who have shown a commitment to the art program at WCHS have the opportunity to join the National Art Honor Society (NAHS). 

Every year, NAHS hosts an art show to showcase the work of art students at WCHS and fundraise for the art department. This year, the art show will take place on the night of March 22 in the art rooms throughout the school. The different art rooms will correspond to the types of art shown in each; for example, photographs will be displayed in the photography room. Prior to this year, the art was always placed in a room by the auditorium, so this change will bring a new set of logistics for students and teachers to navigate while planning the show. 

“I think planning has gone pretty well considering it’s the first year that the art show is going to be in the art rooms instead of the room by the auditorium,” senior member of NAHS Tarina Amaralikit said. “There are a lot of new ideas being thrown around to fundraise including giving out art prints, stickers and temporary tattoos to donors.”

Students in art classes are currently hard at work preparing for the show. Even students that are not in NAHS play a large role in putting the event together and making sure the art is displayed in the best way possible. 

“In art classes students are learning how to ‘mat’ their work to mount them to the wall and AP students are planning their own displays,” senior Vice President of NAHS Ida Chen said. “We are also planning how to position and place larger works in the art rooms.”

The primary goal of the art show is to fundraise for the various needs of the WCHS art department. Money will be raised by selling art, including pieces made by WCHS art students and members of the NAHS. Students have the opportunity to either make art specifically for the show or sell some of their older pieces. While it has not been done in the past, the NAHS wants to offer people motives for donating such as art prints, stickers and temporary tattoos. They are also considering having artists create cartoon sketches of people at the art show. 

“I think I’m most excited about the art that the students create since there are so many different types and ideas that are going to be on display,” Amaralikit said. “It’s also exciting that this year we are planning to give things out to donors, which we haven’t done before.”

The planning of the art show offers NAHS members the opportunity to volunteer to work at the art show, coordinate the planning or it or just have their art displayed for attendees to purchase. All of the art classes at WCHS will also help set up for the show when it is closer to the date, and even if students are in an introductory class they still have the opportunity to have their art shown. While the show is coordinated by students, the art teachers at WCHS are also in charge of planning and spreading the word to their classes. 

“I think my favorite part of the art show is just knowing that all of the people in the art classes are going to have their art on display,” Amaralikit said. “I’m just excited to see it all come together!” 

Visitors can expect a relaxed atmosphere at the art show with opportunities to look at art, talk to art students and get free handouts from NAHS. The event is supposed to be fun for donors and a great way to connect with WCHS’ art community. 

“The overall environment of the art show is pretty chill, but also lively and friendly,” Chen said. “Art students are there and they are always excited to talk about their work and explain the meaning behind their piece.”

NAHS is spreading the word for the art show through art classes, the art department Instagram account and posters. For those interested in attending, there is no admission fee — all you have to do is show up on the night of March 22, enjoy the art and think of donating to support the incredibly talented art department at WCHS!