Lacrosse is back after missing last year’s season


Courtesy of Eliot Dubick

Captain, Eliot Dubick, makes his way around a BCC player to then score a goal for Churchill.

By Ella Kaminsky, Opinions Editor

Although this year has been far from normal, WCHS’s boys lacrosse season has finally begun and is back in full speed. After missing an entire season, the players are excited to be back on the field. 

This year, the season started off with a dominating win against B-CC in a high scoring game, with a final score of 16-3. In their second game, they took their second win beating out Blair 17-4. 

The COVID-19 restrictions for the team are pretty straightforward with simple rules, like wearing a mask when you aren’t playing as well as having only two guests in the bleachers per player. WCHS students are hoping that this rule will change soon as many seniors are hoping to attend the last few games of their high school years. 

“I’d say the biggest differences about this year versus others are the shortness of the season, only having really three weeks of practice before our first game is definitely kind of a weird thing,” WCHS junior Gavin Gumucio said. “Another would be just the way the games feel due to not having locker rooms or a bus for the team makes it a bit less of an experience.”  

The lack of attendance for the students is not only unfortunate for them but the team as well. As they love to watch their home team play, it also takes away from the environment of a full, energetic stadium. 

“As of right now it is mostly parents in the stands, on a Friday during the school year the stands [there] would have many students cheering and creating an electric atmosphere.” WCHS junior and team captain Eliot Dubick said. 

While there may be some restrictions, the team is still giving it their all. As of right now, the state of Maryland is planning on holding a county playoff instead of the usual state championship, but will soon decide whether they will change it to a state playoff like normal. The county competition is set to be held from June 7 to 19. 

“Most things feel the same, our team is focused and getting better each and every day,” Dubick said. 

Dubick committed to the University of Maryland his sophomore year to continue his lacrosse career, which was a big step in showing his dedication to the sport. This year, Dubick earned the rewarding title of team captain as a junior. 

“Being a captain is special, the fact that my teammates and coaches have trust in me to give me this honor means a lot to me.” said Dubick. 

Some upcoming games include Whitman and Wootton and the team is excited to continue the season.

“This team bonds together very well, we have team meals that allow us to talk to each other off the field,” Dubick said. “Most of us are friends with each other outside of lacrosse so we kind of already have a good team culture.”