Should CBD be so easily accessible?


Courtesy of Ally Salzberg

Harvest Dispensary, located in Bethesda, Maryland, features many CBD infused creations.

By Ally Salzberg, Assistant Online Editor

With vaping becoming more popular by the day, people need to be aware of the overall effects that drugs put on their body.

CBD, the non psychoactive version of marijuana, has become the newest craze. Many seem to want to try it out and many stores and businesses hope to gain popularity from the thousands of potential customers.

With CBD being put in drugstores, it attracts easily influenced kids with the message that Marijuana is harmless, when really, some strands or forms are less harmful than others. Although the Recovery Village, a rehabilitation center, states that it highly unlikely, if not impossible, to overdose off of the drug, it is classified as a gateway drug and can lead to substance abuse with other medicinal products that are much more harmful.

According to a 2019 NBC news article, CVS Pharmacy announced that it will begin selling hemp-derived CBD products in eight states. Since the non psychoactive version of marijuana contains less than 0.3% THC, the chemical within marijuana that is most responsible for the psychological effects, is in fact considered legal in all of America. Due to this, many teenagers will find themselves using it and perhaps experimenting with other drugs.

There is everything from CBD oils, chocolates and gummy vitamins, to infused drinks and lotions. One can find cartridges containing CBD oils much like the ones that contain THC.

Having these so readily available is just reinforcing the fact that using all of this is okay and acceptable by all. CBD is said to provide temporary relief from ailments such as anxiety, inflammation and pain.

CVS may have had the idea to sell CBD as an alternative approach to relief. Alternative approaches and holistic medicines –natural crazes– this is what is in today and all of this catches on. Customers seem to be more willing to try these methods more so today than in earlier times.

In high schools across America, students are under tremendous amounts of pressure. There are increased demands in school work, applications for colleges, AP exams and everyday life. By having access to CBD at local drug stores, students might be able to have access to these to “temporarily” escape from the everyday realities.

Some high school students believe that using drugs will help them to “fit in” which is a big worry for many people. People may not realize what they are getting themselves into, and while experimenting with CBD oil is better than using the actual drug, it teaches people that drugs in general are okay.

Having local pharmacies have CBD in stores could help many people that use it for medical reasons. According to a February 26 2019 article written by a Healthline writer, CBD can help to relieve pain, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, benefit heart health and is said to have anti-tumor effects.

As the drug epidemic continues to grow, workers in medicinal markets need to be aware of what they are advertising and how ignorant teens will perceive their messages.