Changes to athletic department boost school spirit


The new WCHS logo is donned on the uniforms of the WCHS varsity football team.

By Joe Raab, Sports Editor

If you feel a sudden rush of school spirit and you aren’t quite sure why, it may be because of the new changes that the athletics department has made to the look of the school.

The bulldog logo on top of the scoreboard was updated to match the official WCHS logo. This was just one of many projects done by the athletics department to increase school spirit.

“I wanted something nicer to represent our teams and athletes,” Athletic Director Jesse Smith said.

In addition to the scoreboard, Smith also added a series of displays around his office for team pictures, Athletes of the Month and a “Bulldogs at the Next Level” board to highlight the WCHS athletes who make the jump to to college athletics.

“We have so many athletes move on to the college level every year to continue their playing careers and that needed to be publicized,” Smith said. “It’s important that we celebrate these accomplishments.”

These changes come in addition to the countless others changes that have been made to increase school spirit both by the athletics department and by administration.