Football Head Coach Steps Down


Photo Courtesy of Jesse Smith

Former Head Football Coach Albert Song steps down after two seasons with the Bulldogs.

By Kyle Emery, Sports Editor

After a year of hard work and commitment to the team, CHS football Head Coach Albert Song has decided to resign from his position.

Song officially announced on Jan 3 that he will not be partaking in the head leadership role for the upcoming 2016-2017, due to personal family matters.

“Coach Song leaves the program headed in the right direction,” Athletic Director Jesse Smith said. “He has upgraded the attitude of the players, gotten more players out, upgraded equipment, and just brought a much better attitude to the program and school.”

Among all things that might challenge the team next season with Song stepping down, relationships Song made with the players over the past two years might be a potential deficit when starting next season with a new coach.

“I was surprised, after only two years,” junior and CHS football player Isaac Lewis said. “He seemed like he had good relations and was going to stay for a long time.”

After two rough years for the team, the new line of coaching may be seen as a potential positive for the team in terms of new strategies and formations for the upcoming season.

“When Song resigned, I was happy for the underclassmen who are going to be able to get a fresh start after two really rough years,” senior and CHS football player Jack Wagman said.

According to Smith, he is currently looking for a coach who will continue to grow the program both on and off the field, as well as someone who is extremely dedicated to the team, school and community, because he believes football is extremely important to CHS.

“It’ll be hard for the returning players to have to adjust so quickly to a new staff, but I’m confident in Dr. Benz and the other coaches to pick a new coach,” senior captain Joel Goldstein said.

The process has started as Smith has been scouting for a slew of new coaches who will potentially be candidates for the head coach of the Bulldogs next season.

“We are just beginning the coaching search and hope to have someone in place by the end of the month if all goes well,” Smith said.