Observer’s Tips for your Secret Santa


Photo by Julia Lescht.

Stockings such as these are sure to be filled with gifts this holiday season.

By Julia Lescht, Public Relations/Video Editor

Regardless of what one celebrates, this time of year is the beloved season of gift giving. Whether participating in a group giving-circle called “Secret Santa”, or simply giving gifts to one’s family or inner-circle, gift giving is just one fun part of the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’

All across the nation and throughout the halls of CHS, various groups of friends, clubs, and more participate in ‘Secret Santa’. Each person is secretly given another participant for whom they have to purchase and/or make a gift, usually holiday themed, that falls into a usually specified price range.

Following the nature of the time of year, others simply have the task of finding an adequate gift for family and friends. The common dilemma, though, is figuring out the most appropriate, best types of gifts to give, and where to find them.

For those who have no clue where to even start on gift ideas, it is good to know the basics of gift-giving: keep it cheap, cute, and try to make it at least the slightest bit personal. Furthermore, try to find out what the person likes anonymously, so as to not ruin the fun of having a secret gift-giver. Although, regardless of whether or not one is doing secret santa, there are many other reasons to give gifts during the great gift-giving season, so here behold some of the best gift ideas under $25 to give this holiday season.

First and foremost, a personal favorite gift idea is simply a pair (or two) of socks. Not just plain, white, ankle high everyday socks, but multitudes of choices of long socks, short socks, textured socks, embroidered socks, fuzzy socks, colorful socks, holiday-themed socks, and more are out there, often costing no more than $10 at most. Socks are easy to wear with all sorts of shoes and are a timely choice, especially for the chilly winter months as they are comfy and cozy.

According to a November 2016 Survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), 61.2 percent of the people surveyed said that clothing or clothing accessories are the gift that they plan to purchase and give this season.

Socks can be bought at almost any store whether it be Urban Outfitters, Nordstroms, or Target—and for the right prices as well.

According to the NRF survey, the second most popular gift that shoppers plan to buy and give this season are gift cards or certificates.

One can purchase them for basically any store or restaurant, or one can even purchase a general Visa gift card. Gift cards allow the recipient to choose their own gifts, and the Visa gift card specifically allows the recipient to choose whatever they desire. This helps the giver to avoid the false smiles and faux thank-you’s. This is what makes gift cards so great—the receiver is able to pick out their own perfect holiday indulgence.

Some may argue that a gift card or just buying something is not personal enough. An alternative to this would be to put together a handmade festive present. For example, one can purchase different candies, chapsticks, nail polish, socks and anything small for under $25 from a place such as CVS, and they can stuff all of these things into something such as a mason jar and tie a ribbon around the top to add a pleasing visual. One can buy mason jars and ribbon and other crafty items from just about any store that sells crafts including Michael’s. While this gift requires a little more time and effort, it is just as cost effective and even makes the gift seem more personal and thoughtful to the recipient.

For all these gifts, or any other that comes to mind, just putting a simple bow on top, or even putting them in a colorful gift bag adds a joyful aesthetic that will please whoever receives one’s gift.