What’s Scarier, Halloween Night or Mondays?


Photo Courtesy of Megan Park

CHS sophomores dress up as cowgirls and Wheres Waldo on Halloween.

By Megan Park, Business Manager

This year on Oct. 31, Halloween will land on a Monday. Dun Dun Duuuuun.

Many CHS students are upset because it prevents them from trick-or-treating or staying up late and eating as much candy as possible. Instead, they will be preparing for the coming school day with little to no Halloween spirit.

“I think Halloween should allow for a day off on Tuesday,” freshman Peyton

to have more time to celebrate and participate in activities.”

On the other hand, as students get older, many realize trick-or-treating is a waste of time and is not fun or necessary.

“I don’t mind having school the day after Halloween,” freshman Fariba Quader said. “I don’t trick-or-treat or stay out on Halloween so it doesn’t really affect me.”

Rebutting her statement, even though some students may not go trick-or-treating or hand out candy, there are still many distractions and annoyances that come with trick-or-treaters on Halloween day.

“If students decide to go trick or treating it will also be distracting for students at home if people ring their doorbells,” Jeon said.

Having Halloween on a school day may cause a lot of stress, but trick-or-treating is a time for fun and relieving stress while collecting candy. Try to have a boo-tiful Halloween night!