Pokémon Go 101

An in-game screencap from Pokémon Go.

An in-game screencap from Pokémon Go.

By Ethan S Miller, Fact-Checker

For many CHS students, Pokémon is more than just a game, it’s a way of life. Hopefully these tips and tricks help you to master Pokémon Go.

1. Stock up on poke balls

Make sure you keep your pokeball to portion ratio at at least 3 pokeballs/1 potion, so that you never run out when a snorlax shows up.

2. Focus on walking in urban areas

Searching for Pokémon in your neighborhood can only result in a pidgey or (if you’re lucky) a rattata. Go to areas like Rockville and Bethesda, which are nesting beds for rarer Pokémon and PokeStops.

3. Know the Pokémon speed limit

The most hated pop up in all of Pokémon is that ever-present ‘Wear You Seatbelt’ warning. As soon as this shows on your screen, you immediately stop farming your eggs. Pokemon stops counting your distance when you travel over 300 feet in a minute or faster than 11 miles per hour, so next time you’re driving in your neighborhood trying to log miles, make sure you are under the speed limit.

4. Don’t use blue incubators on eggs less than 5kms

Speaking of farming eggs, the best way to effectively farm is to use your infinite incubator on 2km eggs and the finite blue incubator on 5 and 10 km eggs.

5. Always Evolve Pokémon

Even if you have 12 weedle candies and really don’t want that Kakuna, evolve it. The 500 cp can go a long way towards leveling up and getting better Pokémon.

6. Ask questions

Every player regardless of experience was new to the game at some point. Don’t be embarrassed if you are confused by a feature or a new update. Ask a friend and PokémonGo!