Junior Releases Original EP


Photo Courtesy of Sam Nasar

Junior Sam Nasar recently released his EP “Self Signed”, which features original songs.

By Sarah O'Brien and Thomas Atkinson, Arts Editor and News Editor

On Sept. 15, junior Sam Nasar released his first Extended Preview (EP), “Self Signed.”

Ever since Nasar’s mother introduced him to musical theater, he has always had a passion for the arts. Nasar has been in Showstoppers and Blast for the past three years as well as in the school musical for the past two.

“Self Signed” features five original songs, with the first single being “Sunshine.”

“I think the first song in Sam Nasar’s album is absolutely fantastic,” junior Ethan Miller said. “It’s happy so it really gets you excited for the rest of the album.”

The music video for Sunshine was released earlier this month and already has almost 20,000 views on Facebook. He and his crew decided on the beach setting for the video thanks to the cheery title of the song.

The EP features pop, however according to Nasar, he also listens to and is inspired by alternative, funk, pop, and jazz music. He writes all of his own songs.

Nasar plays the piano in his tracks, while he has a production team playing drums, guitar, and any other instruments needed.

“I want my music to make people smile and enjoy life,” Nasar said.

In addition to participating in Showstoppers, Blast and the school musical, Nasar performs with the Young Artists of America at Strathmore and in shows at Olney Theater.

His website, http://www.samnasar.com/, has all his videos, ranging from covers, a photo gallery and his very own music videos.