New mentoring program implemented to help students


Kim Rooney

Assistant Principal John Taylor is helping to supervise the mentoring program.

By Kim Rooney, Production Editor

Whether it was a kind smile when it was needed most or an offer to help, teachers and staff members can have a profound influence on students’ experiences at school.

Starting this year, CHS has implemented a mentoring program designed to help students achieve more with the help and guidance of a staff member.

“We’ve been looking at research about how students who can name an adult they have a close relationship with can perform better in school,” assistant principal John Taylor said.

The idea began over the summer, when leadership discussed ways to help students who have potential but might need more support. Taylor and assistant principal Brandi Richardson supervise the program.

“I coordinate, plan, and train the people who have volunteered to be mentors,” Taylor said.

The program is completely voluntary on the part of the mentors, who are both teachers and support staff, and students were chosen to be part of the program.

“We talked to staff and counseling and tried to find students who had potential to do better than what they were doing, just to see if a little extra push and motivation could maximize their ability to achieve,” Taylor said.

Students and mentors will check in with Taylor and Richardson between second and third quarter, which will help determine the program’s plans for the future.

“Nothing’s perfect the first time, so I’m sure it’ll need a few modifications,” Taylor said. “I hope to grow the program in the next few years to provide more opportunities for more students.”