CHS students have mixed feelings about date of homecoming dance

CHS students have mixed feelings about date of homecoming dance

Seniors Maher Kanwal and Elisa Carpenter work on their class Homecoming float.

By Katherine Michael, Staff Writer

CHS students anticipate the exciting tradition of the annual homecoming dance Nov. 1, despite its late date.

Concerns about the timing of the dance, however, have been voiced.

“With homecoming being later than usual, the weather is going to be colder which I’m not looking forward to because girls have to wear dresses,” senior Stephanie Casabe said.

According to assistant principal John Taylor, the original reason for the late homecoming date was to give the turf field as much time as possible to be built so that CHS could still play the homecoming game at Churchill’s home field. But, after some delays and complications with the turf situation, plans were already finalized and the school was unable to change the date to an earlier weekend.

Halloween also falls on the day before the homecoming dance.

“I wish Halloween and homecoming weren’t the same weekend because they are two major events,” sophomore Nina Hazra said. “I’d rather spread out the fun.”

Students will have to choose between the traditional custom of trick-or-treating and attending the homecoming football game Friday, Oct. 31 versus Whitman. In spite of this, some students see the later-than-normal homecoming date in a positive light. Having homecoming that weekend will definitely help students in every grade who participate in the Executive Board.

“I think it’s nice to have homecoming later so there’s time to get all the homecoming preparations in order like float, mural, performance, etc.,” senior class president Hana Yen said.

Nevertheless, CHS students intend to spend their joint homecoming and Halloween weekend with their friends making memories.

“I’m still exited to crush Whitman no matter what the date,” junior Andre Penzes said. “It’s going to be a blast.”