“That Awkward Moment” provides male perspective on a rom com genre


“That Awkward Moment” premiered Jan 31.

By Caitlin Doherty, Circulation Manager

Killer cast, funny one-liners and a heartthrob protagonist all create a recipe for success: That Awkward Moment, a new romantic comedy that CHS students have been raving about.


The movie follows three best friends Jason (Zac Efron, High School Musical,) Daniel (Miles Teller, The Spectacular Now) and Michael (Michael B. Jordan, Friday Night Lights), who attempt to steer clear of relationships after swearing to stay single in support of a heartbroken pal. The only problem is that the more each of them try avoid commitments, the more complicated their love lives become.


“I thought the movie was really unique because it was a chick flick but from a guy’s perspective,” senior Nora Cleary said. “It was a lot different that I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised.”


The movie also introduces British actress Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later) who plays Ellie, Jason’s love interest.


“I really liked Ellie as a character because she’s very dynamic,” sophomore Megan Roche said. “She doesn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of.”


The movie lives up to its’ name with a variety of humorous and awkward moments.


“I thought the movie was a realistic portrayal of how guy’s talk and also captured just how awkward new relationships can be,” senior Rachel Casper said.


That Awkward Moment’s fun and charismatic cast offers a fun twist on the classic romantic comedy genre.


“The cast was fantastic,” Cleary said. “They all meshed together really well and had great chemistry.”


The movie offers entertainment for a wide spectrum of audiences, so whether your favorite movie is Titanic or Anchorman one thing is clear: you have to see this move.


“I definitely recommend it,” freshman Stefani Brown said. “If you want a fun, light comedy, then you have to see That Awkward Moment.”