Hoodie Allen’s “Party with Your Friends” tour comes to Silver Spring


During the concert, Hoodie threw cake at his adoring fans while performing the song “Cake Boy.”

By Madison Hurr, Production Editor

Two thousand teenagers crowded into the Fillmore in Silver Spring on Friday Nov. 22. Girls and guys alike dressed as though it was summer, braving the wintry weather to see hip-hip artist and rapper Hoodie Allen on his “Party with Your Friends” tour.


Hoodie put on a great show and appealed to all his fans with his charisma and fun personality. He made use of the small, intimate venue by engaging with his fans throughout the whole show. He talked to us throughout the night and even performed a few songs and covers from the back of the audience to give everyone a chance to see him up close. He went crowd surfing on an inflatable floaty and accidentally fell off into the sea of fans, laughing as everyone called his name and pushed around to get to touch him. He threw a chocolate cake while performing “Cake Boy” and sprayed water all over his screaming fans, none of them minding the mess.


“Getting hit with the cake was unbelievable,” senior Erik Roberts said. “I honestly thought it was going to be a joke or a fake cake or something when he came out the chef’s outfit, but then ice cream cake got me right over the head and on my clothes. Hoodie definitely knows how to play the crowd.”


Hoodie has a great and humble personality. He explained how grateful he was for having sold out the Fillmore and how he would love to perform there every night if he could. (Most don’t know that Hoodie’s real name is Steven Markowitz and he attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He also worked at Google before deciding to become a full time musician.)


“I really liked the energy,” junior Ximena Tellez said. “The people there were just so hyped and it was so much fun! He crowd surfed and caked us. He was awesome!”


Despite being pushed around in the sweaty crowd all night, everyone had a great time. Hoodie came on for a two song encore—performing “No Faith in Brooklyn” and his hit single “No Interruption.” After he finished, there was a 30 minute post-concert party where they flashed strobe lights and played a mishmash of popular party songs.

“People kept pushing and shoving to get to the front,” sophomore Joelle Perlin said. “The concert was fun and I got to meet Hoodie Allen! He took a picture with me and signed my ticket.”