Mild Winter Ahead for CHS Area


By Skylar Whitman, Staff Writer

As we’re nearing 2014, the days are getting colder and students are wondering whether to look forward to snow days this winter.

Weather forecasters have begun predicting the below-average extent of the DMV’s winter.

According to a article Chief Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford of Weather Services International (WSI) says that there is a risk of much milder temperatures heading into the New Year.

Sadly, the predictions are not what CHS students would prefer.

“It’s upsetting because going out and playing in the snow is very fun,” freshman Sydne Wilkinson said. “I’ll be upset if there aren’t a lot of snow days.”

According to a Washington Post article, the temperatures will be above average and the amount of snow will be below average.

However, the warmer average temperature does not mean that the cold days will not be frigid.

“Cold shots could be quite cold, but short-lived,” the Washington Post article said.

A variation of websites and diagrams support the fact that the temperatures will often be above freezing.

According to a diagram of daily forecast predictions for December, almost every day will be around 40-45 degrees.