New RideOn Bus Schedule Inconviences Students


By Aileen Choi, Online Observations Editor

Freshman Joel Cook, along with a swarm of fellow CHS students, waits patiently everyday for the Ride On bus to get home after school. He stands beside the blue sign, chattering amongst his peers, at most waiting for five minutes–until now.

As of Oct. 21, the Ride On bus arrives in front of CHS at 2:45 instead of the original 2:15 arrival time, leaving students almost 40 minutes to wait for the bus. The other option is to walk home, which usually takes at least half an hour for most students.

“I ride the bus almost every day,” Cook said. “I’m kind of mad because I could take the bus, which would take five minutes, but now I walk, which takes half an hour.”

According to, the official Ride On bus website, route 42, the bus that stops at Gainsborough and Tuckerman, now stops at Boiling Brook Parkway, consequently extending the driving time.

“We took a look at how long it takes a route to operate in traffic condition.” Said Beverly Le Masters, the Ride On Bus Market Manager. “Some bus schedules were changed and because of that, it takes longer to operate the route.”

According to sophomore Austin Tuwiner, because he doesn’t live in Potomac, he has no choice but to comply with the Ride On Bus system.

Although many students find trouble with the new bus schedule, some are trying to make the best out of it.

“I can make work up or do my homework inside while I wait for the bus,” junior Nesma Belkhodj said. “I would still prefer the old bus schedule though.”