CHS Hosts Annual Monday Night Madness

CHS Hosts Annual Monday Night Madness

By Julia Heimlich, News Editor

The CHS senior class came in first place during Monday Night Madness, a spirit week event hosted Oct. 7.

Held on the auditorium stage, all students who attended had the chance to participate either on stage in one of the events, or through cheering their class on in the audience.  Games included the Rubik’s Cube Challenge, Whipped Cream Pie-Off, Eggs on a Tray, Saltine Cracker Challenge and Anagram Contest.

“It’s an event we do for Homecoming week to start to increase Churchill spirit, and we want classes to meet their peers,” said Orly Santos, who helped lead the games. “This is a time they can relax and have fun with their classes.”

Each time a class wins an event, they receive five points. The class with the most points wins 150 dollars. Seniors came in first place, sophomores came in second place, freshmen came in third place, and juniors came in fourth.

“We’re all a family,” sophomore Florence Cheng said. “We will make this an unforgettable class.”

Junior class president Hana Yen feels lucky to be a part of a school that is able to hold this event.

“A lot of other schools don’t get the opportunity to compete against classes,” Yen said. “I think it’s a really great way to bond.”